Read the below instructions carefully.
  • The teams can register through the link.
  • The teams must follow the PPT template provided for idea submission. (Where is the template ?).
  • Click Here to download sample PPT
  • The registration window will be open from 11th Nov 2023 to 25th Nov 2023.
  • The teams registering for hardware track should submit a block diagram and list of hardware components that they would like to use along with the abstract. (The organisers will provide 220 V AC power supply, the teams should organise for their own components or batteries as required).
Shape the future of finance in the Fintech pathway by exploring blockchain and other cutting-edge financial innovations. Whether you are developing disruptive payment solutions or innovative financial apps such as E-Commerce applications
Generic Software
Discover the world of computer magic in the Generic Software pathway. It is all about creating cool things like websites and mobile apps. Whether you are a coding whiz or just getting started, dive into crafting awesome digital solutions!
Generic Hardware
Get into cool tech stuff with the Generic Hardware pathway. If you like circuitry or building hardware, this track lets you turn your ideas into real gadgets.
Health Care
Mix tech and healthcare in this pathway, where your ideas could make a big difference in how we care for people. It is open to tech lovers and healthcare folks alike.

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